Shou Sugi Ban Live Edge Chair

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The wood for this project was originally intended for a Shou Sugi Ban dining room table.

However, during a mock up fitting I came to find the slabs were entirely too warped to glue together.

Instead I sliced the slabs up into 1.5" square slats and glued them together in a jigsaw puzzle manor, then pieced it all together to form this decorative chair.

One single line of grain can be followed from the top of the chair all the way down to the bottom of the legs.

I finished this chair with a process called Shou Sugi Ban. It is the process of burning the wood and removing the top layer of charcoal to reveal the woods tones and black burn lines.

I performed this process numerous times on this piece to create a dramatic tone difference between the burnt grain and raw grain. A subsequent reward from doing this is a wavy feeling across the grain. You can actually feel the raised grain lines throughout this chair.

The chair is sealed with a high gloss polyurethane. Making this piece able to stand any element and of course time.