Farmhouse Coffee Table - Live Edge

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This table is sourced from a cedar tree grown on my childhood farm.

It was struck by lightning during late spring, it split the Cedar right in half. we ere forced to take the rest of the tree down.

Best case scenario was to take it the mill and slab out some gorgeous red cedar.

The cedar was sanded down to a 1500 grit sand paper and had over 8 coats of poly applied. between each coat of Polyurethane I sand the poly down to slick 400 grit. After the final coat, a wet sanding process was applied with 1500 grit. leaving this table soft and smooth to the touch.

Specific metal legs can be requested. If you have no preference, black hairpin metal legs will be attached. Reference the legs in the first picture.

After your purchase of this table, Weideman Woodworking will Plant 1 fresh tree. In support of our planets health.